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Want To Get More Property Rentals During The Colder Seasons?

First up this article on applies if you already have a pool. If you dont thats a whole other conundrum. Although you may still find this article beneficial. If you have a pool traditionally its use was only really confined to summer and a bit of late spring. But now with the right heater you can use your pool right throughout the entirety of spring and even through the fall.

If you have a hot tub you can even use it in the winter with a powerful gas heater as it will take only minutes to heat up. Refreshingly crisp. Installing a pool heater is a great way to be able to enjoy your pool regardless of the season. Due to the warm water, swimming even during the winter months is not only possible in some states, but also enjoyable.

How Gas Heaters Work

Water is passed through a filter, into the heater and is heated up in the combustion chamber, it is then passed back into the pool so that you can enjoy the warmth while you swim.

How Heat Pumps Work

Heat pumps run off electric and they suck in air and recycle it through the heaters electric elements. It then draws water from the pool and transfers it back to the pool once it is heated up.

If you are looking to install a pool heater before the winter months set in, here are a few basic steps to do so. To begin you will need:

Pool Heater


Plumbing Compound

Flex Gas Line

Measuring Tape

PVC Pipe

Shut-Off Valve

1) Purchase a Pool Heater

When it comes to pool heaters, there are a variety of sizes and prices. The size of your pool should determine the pool heater you purchase.

2) Pick Out Where You Will Install the Pool Heater

During this step it is important to take the space needed around the heater in order for it to function safely. The size and model of your heater will have a great deal to do with this so prior to purchasing, read over the manufacturer’s instructions. In order to avoid extra piping, the heater should be as close to the filter as possible, a two to five foot distance is ideal.

If you dont want to do it yourself companies like Action Constructions provide pool heater installations.

3) The Water Must be Channeled Into The Heater

The filter should be shut off before installing the pool heater. Then attach the filters return valve to the heater’s inlet valve. To help channel the filtered water into the heater, the PVC pipe should be cut and attached in that area at the correct length.

4) Set Up The Water To Be Passed Back To The Pool

Another piece of PVC pipe which will run from the heaters outlet valve to the swimming pools water inlet, so it should be measured and cut. The pipes and joints should be tightly secured with the use of a plumbing compound.

5) The Electrical Power and Gas Supply Line Must Be Connected

There are locations which require professional gas connection installation, this is something that should be looked into with the regulatory authorities in your area prior to installation. If you are able to install it yourself, a shut off valve should be attached at the end of the gas pipe, a flex gas line should also be run from there to the inlet of the heater and plugged into the pool heater. It is best to have some sort a covering over the outlet which will protect it from harsh weather.

6) Test Your Setup

Once you have completed the installation, your setup should be tested and adjusted if needed. The first thing that should be turned back on is the pool filter, the heater should be turned on next and the thermostats should be raised slightly. Before the heater ignites, a fan will blow, the flame from the heater should be blue.

Once you have turned the heater on, the pool’s temperature should increase in a short while. Generally, heater units have flow sensors which are able to detect water pressure if the water drops to a certain level, it will disable it from turning on. That being said, the best way to avoid accidents is by turning the power off when the pool is not being used.

Once everything is as it should be you can advertise your property as being swimmable even during the cold months. If you have a hot tub the thought of being outside in the snug bubbling hot weather during a cold snap is very appealing to a lot of people. Plus you can also keep a week or 2 free to enjoy the cosy amenities for yourself! The joys…..

Ideas For Designing A Miniature Garden

Miniature gardens are a new trend in gardening. They make use of plants, flowers and tiny decorations to create arrangements in flower pots, planters or other small containers that are fit for a fairy. They are decorative, whimsical and add plenty of charm to a larger outdoor garden although they work for indoor places as well.

The video tutorial teaches you all the steps you need to learn to make your own miniature fairy garden using a terra cotta planter. You can take the miniature garden and set it in your outdoor garden bed or you can arrange it with others to create a larger space for fairies to visit! The tutorial also covers how to paint the pot and prepare the soil. You also learn how to arrange various plants in the planter.

You can get inspired by looking at many other miniature gardens but the design or arrangement is entirely up to your imagination. You might want to consider a theme and build on that in your garden using techniques that you learn in the tutorial. The trick is to add tiny accessories or decorations that fit the garden to scale so that it comes to life.

You might add chairs or tire swings for the fairies to use. You can also add pathways, fences, birdbaths and pools. Dollhouse fairy garden accessories are wonderful for adding charm to your miniature garden. You might use a tin bucket for your container or make use of a baby tub.

There are accessories available that are made just for use in fairy gardens. These include tiny wheelbarrows or miniature terra cotta pots. You can sew together tiny cushions to put in your gardens patio chairs if you like. There is no limit to what you can create for your miniature garden. This is part of what makes these gardens so addicting.

With the container that you choose for your fairy garden, you need to punch holes at the bottom if they do not already exist there. This is so that you can allow for plenty of drainage for the plants in the garden. Also, add a layer of gravel to the bottom to keep the garden in place after it receives rain or after it is watered, depending on whether it is used outdoors or indoors. Fairy gardens are beautiful and charming arrangements of any plants and decorations you can imagine.

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