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The Best Ways To Remove Oil Stains From Your Driveway Or Garage

If your automobile leaks fluids or you spill some while filling up your automobile, lawn mower or snow blower, your driveway might end up with a stain or more. Fluids such as oil, transmission fluid and gasoline can leave a stain on paved driveways and garage floors. Because these liquids are all different, cleaning techniques differ slightly from fluid to fluid and surface to surface area.

Whether the stain is new or old, there are some basic steps to assist get rid of marks left by dripped fluids from a paved driveway or an uncoated concrete garage floor.

How to Get Rid Of Oil Spots from Your Driveway

Oil can leave a dark stain on your pavement. Here are some steps to assist get rid of those stubborn oil stains from your driveway.

  • Determine whether the fluid is wet or dry.
  • If the spill is brand-new, begin by covering the stain with cat litter, cornstarch, baking soda or cornmeal, which may help absorb the extra wetness.
  • Once the pavement is dry, or if the stain was currently dry, damp the stain with water and scrub with a stiff brush and a paste made from baking soda and water.
  • Finally, wash the pavement with a hose and let it air dry.
  • If the oil spill is new, start by covering the stain with cat litter, cornstarch, baking soda or cornmeal, which may assist take in the extra wetness.
  • To eliminate dried oil from concrete, douse the stain with spray lube then wash with water.

    Another technique, is to put engine degreaser on the stain and scrub it with a wire brush, then cover with kitty litter before sweeping it up.

    The Best Ways To Remove Transmission Fluid Stains from Your Driveway

    Transmission fluid spills or leaks may leave a bright red stain on light-coloured concrete.

    Here are some suggested steps for eliminating the stain:

  • Spray the stain with oven cleaner and let it sit for 10 minutes.
  • Use a stiff brush to scrub the spot and wash with a hose at its greatest pressure.
  • If the stain is still there, repeat the procedure.
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    What You Need To Know Before You Screw Up Your Kitchen Remodel

    In a land not too far away there was a couple who looked at their fixer upper with despair in their eyes. One day they decided it was time to gut the kitchen and sow the seeds for a better looking home.

    They knew all those years living in rentals and eating Ramen noodles would pay off! Considering they would binge watch any remodeling show on TV, they knew exactly what to do.

    However, it would turn out that watching a remodel on television and doing one yourself were two totally different things. While their kitchen would get remodeled it was never the dream kitchen they had envisioned in their minds. There is a silver lining to this sad tale, we can learn from their mistakes!

    A Closer Look At The Kitchen

    We have a modern kitchen, the walls are lined with cream colored solid maple cabinets, solid brown/kinda crystally quartz counters, bronze faucet and cabinet hardware, and a slate backsplash. It is a functional kitchen that would not win any design contests. While it is not the worst kitchen of the year, it is not what was originally visioned. When all was said and done it looked nothing like the magazine and television kitchens it was modeled after. And that was one of the reasons I can barely look at this kitchen on a daily basis.

    Looking At Where It Went Downhill

    This kitchen was designed before the age of the internet took off. There was no pinterest, no DIY websites. We took all our ideas from design magazines and television shows. We placed down dark flooring. We went overboard with the carrera marble

    For our cabinets, we went on an obscene field trip through town. We looked at designer shops, big box shops, even this horrific warehouses in the worst part of town. In one of the shops, there was a designer offering to help customers choose the best finish for their kitchens. I explained that I was looking for white cabinets to contrast the dark flooring. She looked at me with true horror and explained that was a designer’s nightmare. She explained the contrast would be too extreme and a cream color would be a better choice.

    Considering that she was the professional and I was the amateur I took her advice to heart. I ran from white cabinets like they were the plague and focused on cream. There was one thing that continued to eat at me while I shopped. I still wanted the white cabinets. However, I was putting all my faith and trust in this designer because I believed they knew what was better. How could I know what I was talking about when a true designer told me otherwise.

    My biggest mistake was trusting in someone else to know what I would love and want.

    My second biggest mistake was buying my cabinets at Home Depot. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with the store itself, with the exception of their lighting. We loved the “pearl” finish cabinet doors in the store, they looked great in Home Depot under their fluorescent lights. However, they are not going to look like that in our home.

    You need to take a sample door home to make sure it is going to look right in your home. When our cabinets arrived 8 weeks later, I dropped to the floor when I saw them in our kitchen. They looked nothing like what I had fallen in love with at the store, and that was due to the difference in lighting. The only thing that came out promising was discovering our miracle shelves for kitchen. A great company with a unique product. You can see them here,

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